The ever-increasing student debt burden, rising cost of higher education, and ongoing need for education funding is an alarming reality of our times. We know that women earn less than men, even one-year out of college, and thus may have more difficulty than men in paying off their student debt. AAUW’s educational funding for women remains an important element to closing the funding gap for women in higher education.  AAUW Big Bear Valley annually awards scholarships for up to five senior girls from Big Bear High School for $1,000 each.

In early spring, the Scholarships Committee begins reviewing applications from the girls and reviewing their selection process.  The emphasis in selecting the applicants is in the girls interest in STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics).

From the applications, the Committee selects several girls to interview.  After the interviews, the Committee discusses each applicant’s qualifications for the scholarship.  The high school has a scholarship presentation at the Performing Arts Center in Hofert Hall in June where all recipients of community organization scholarships are awarded.

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